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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Celebrity talent follows up on her ambitions in fashion at elite Design College of Haute Couture

Tiffany Trump designs and creates French Couture tailored garment.

Tiffany Trump has been looking into fashion design colleges that train in the elegance and sophistication of design. Inspired by designers such as Elie Saab, she pursues fashion education at Academy of Couture Art’s Summer Couture Camp in the Pacific Design Center of West Hollywood.

French Couture Fashion Illustration

During the intensive four week camp Tiffany explored her creativity in fashion design starting with the fundamentals. Discovering the balance and line of elegance that makes couture illustrations so drop dead gorgeous, she developed French fashion croquies to the body’s anatomical proportions to create the basis for the full fashion figure.

Mother, Marla Maples, upon viewing Tiffany’s illustrations, “Look at those gams!”

French Couture Tailoring and Pattern Drafting

Intrigued by French tailoring methods to draft patterns, Tiffany took a go at constructing a garment from start to finish.

“She certainly looks lovely behind the pattern table as she delicately presses her basic straight skirt for the final finishing, “commented her classmates. Her love of fine quality and precious care was a model for all. In fact, it was she who inspired finishing off the binding with a couture style of hand sewing.

Leading the Runway

Tiffany took the lead on the runway elegantly displaying her special touch on her final design to add subtle sexiness to a sophisticated piece. Marla, among others, was truly amazed to see participants transform during the month into confident mature ladies with a more realistic vision of the time and patience invested in fashion and pattern design. “It’s fabulous for young creators to foster their passions; especially when it’s nurtured in a realistic environment.” 

 A Message for All

“Whatever your passion, pursue it; and the best place to go for it is in school,” says Tiffany. “It’s hard work, for sure, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!” When you develop your creativity along with technique, the future holds many opportunities.

As Tiffany goes on to explore her interests in singing and acting, she encourages future fashion designers who love high fashion to give couture a try. “It’s an all round rewarding experience.”

Academy of Couture Art: Design College of Haute Couture is recognized for being true to the couture aesthetic. The exclusive summer camp provides opportunity for young exceptional talent to enter the couture world through design and creation of their own luxury ready-to-wear garment.